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    I found the watering hole by way of a hand written sign while in the midst of a 60 mile mountain bike ride. The sign said "We (heart) Bikers. I had a "Biker Trash" sticker on my bicycle so I knew I had to go there.

    After our ride we found our way to the watering hole. We were met by "Rae" who was the sweetest inanimate thing I had seen in a long time. Once inside my healthy lung were assaulted by my riding buddies secondhand smoke, but I didn't mind, I needed a drink and the $3 Bloody Mary sent me on the road to long ride recovery.

    I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs a drink (and don't we all) Go there and tip your barkeep well!!!

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    Great place-- Sunday bloody Mary's best in town

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    Great Tiki Bar

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    Welcome new neighbors and owners. Fresh ideas and Change can be good thing. Love the extra pool tables looks really great!!!!

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